This policy constitutes the club’s formal Complaints Procedure and is open to any person, group or organisation connected to the club in any way, i.e. a child, parent, carer, teacher, caretaker etc. It will be displayed on the club notice board or made readily accessible to all users of the club.

The club acknowledges that at times, parents or others connected to the club may have concerns about the service we provide. We would hope to resolve any concerns, in the first instance, by talking to the person raising the concern and then by taking appropriate and prompt action. However, if the club receives a formal complaint about our service verbally or in writing we will investigate the complaint, take any necessary action and report the outcome to the complainant.

We also recognise the importance of recording all concerns, complaints and compliments to effectively monitor, review and improve the service we offer.

The club also acknowledges that it is an expectation from Ofsted that we record any complaints that relate directly to EYFS welfare requirements, whether or not these complaints are subsequently passed on to Ofsted.

A complaint or concern is not always a written statement —it may be a verbal comment, it may be a change in attitude from a parent/carer or it may be an action e.g. when a child is withdrawn from the club for no obvious reason. All staff need to be able to recognise a concern or complaint and be able to know how to manage any concerns or complaints that arise.

A complaint or a concern may come from a variety of sources —from a child, a parent, another member of staff or an outsider. It may come via Ofsted where someone has contacted them directly.

Stage One

If any person is dissatisfied with or has a concern about any aspect of the playsetting they should, in the first instance, take up their concern with the Co-ordinator.

If the person making the complaint does not wish, for any reason, to raise the matter with the Co-ordinator, they should be directed to approach the Club Manager.

Any concerns will be recorded on a ‘Record of complaints/concerns received ‘ form (See attached example)

If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved after informal discussion and/or written correspondence and the person raising the initial concern wishes to make a more formal complaint, Stage 2 will come into operation.

Stage Two

Any complaint should be made in writing and addressed to the Management Committee. If a complaint is made verbally, the person will be asked to put the complaint in writing.

Any further information will be recorded on the complaints record form and kept in a secure place.

The Management Committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint as soon as possible and will then investigate the complaint and take action as appropriate.

A formal written response (which can include a copy of the Complaints Record or a separate letter giving more detail) will be sent to the parent/carer concerned, with an account of the findings and any action taken. This will be within 20 days of the date on which the complaint was made.

A further record of the complaint will be kept and made available to any parent/carer requesting it. Confidentiality will be maintained when filling out this form.

All staff will be made aware and act upon any recommendations arising from dealing with the complaint, including any amendments to the club’s procedures and policies.

If there is good reason to believe that the complaint has child protection implications, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will be informed immediately and procedures within the Safeguarding policy will then come into force.

The Management Committee will always bear in mind its legal and registration requirements when dealing with a complaint.

If the person making the complaint remains dissatisfied, and should the concern be connected in any way with the registration of the playsetting, they may wish to contact Ofsted, who have responsibility for Registration and Inspection of the playsetting.

Ofsted can be contacted as follows:

Picadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

General enquiries 0300 123 1231
Concerns 0300 123 4666