The club will notify Ofsted and local safeguarding children board of any serious accident or injury to or serious illness of, or the death of, any child whilst in their care, and act on any advice given. To fail to comply with this requirement, without reasonable excuse, is to commit an offence.

Staff will discuss with parents or carers the procedure for children who are ill or infectious. This will include the possibility of exclusion as well as the protocol for contacting parents or another adult designated by the parent if a child becomes ill or receives minor injuries whilst in the provider’s care.

If staff observe any signs of illness in a child, the Co-ordinator should be contacted immediately.

A quiet area of the club will be designated and made available if it is appropriate to isolate the child from other children. The child will be comforted and staff will remain calm and reassuring. Staff will monitor the child and observe good hygiene practice, such as washing hands, surfaces and equipment, to minimise passing on any infectious or viral illnesses.

If the child has sickness or diarrhoea, or a slight rise in temperature, staff will contact the parents/carers and inform them of the situation. They may be asked to attend immediately if the Co-ordinator feels it is necessary.

If the child is showing signs of being very unwell, staff will contact the parents/carers or another adult designated by the parent/carer.

An ambulance will be called if the child is having a fit, is choking or collapses or the first aider on site deems it necessary.

The parents or another adult designated by the parent/carer will be advised and reassured that a member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital and wait there until the parent arrives.
Children’s records must be taken to the hospital with the child.

When the child (and the parents/carers) have been handed over to medical experts, or returned home in the case of a less serious illness, a report will be written in the Accident and Incident Log.

Staff will keep in touch with the child’s parents/carers and be prepared to answer any queries from other parents at the playsetting.

Parents will be requested not to leave their child at the playsetting if it is apparent that the child is unwell when they arrive.

Exclusion for Infectious Illnesses

Children and staff will be excluded for infectious illnesses, such as sickness and diarrhoea or chicken pox —see attached guide for list of communicable illnesses and suggested periods of exclusion.

All parents/carers will be informed by a notice if a child or staff member who attends the play seeing develops an infectious illness —see attached guide.

If a child who has developed an infectious illness returns to the club still unwell or before any recommended exclusion period is completed then this will be discussed with the parent/carer.

If this does not resolve the situation then advice should be sought from the Club Manager, Management Committee via the Health Protection Team (HPT) in conjunction with any advice provided by Public Health England in their guidance document (see attached.)

Local HPTs lead Public Health England’s response to all health related incidents. They provide specialist support to prevent and reduce the impact of infectious diseases.

For Advice on the notification of diseases and appropriate action to take in these cases contact South Yorkshire HPT

Public Health England
Unit C, Meadow Court
Hayland Street
Off Amos Road
Sheffield S9 1BY
Telephone: 0114 321 1177
Out of hours advice: 0114 304 9843 (ask for public health on-call)

Ofsted will be notified of any food poisoning incident affecting 2 more children who are looked after on the premises, of any child with meningitis or of the outbreak of any notifiable disease as per the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 and the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010.

Head Lice

When a case of head lice is discovered at the club, this must be handled carefully and sensitively. The child concerned should not be isolated from others and there is no need to exclude the child from activities or sessions at the club. When the child is collected the parents should be informed discreetly. Other parents will need to be issued or emailed with the information handout as quickly as possible with advice on treating head lice. Staff should check themselves regularly for head lice and access treatment themselves as soon as possible.

See attached sample letter and leaflet