1.9 Laptop Usage Policy

Appropriate Use

  • The use of the laptop in the presence of children is strictly prohibited.
  • Within the operating hours of Kids Club, where children are present, ensure the laptop is locked away.
  • If a member of staff needs urgent access to the laptop, the use will be permitted away from the children, e.g. Store Room at Infants and the School Office at Juniors.
  • The use of the laptop is restricted to the Club Manager, Coordinators and Deputies.
  • Ensure the laptop is enabled with a start up password that is unique and difficult to guess.
  • Password protect any documents containing sensitive information.
  • Only visit websites you know and trust.
  • Accessing inappropriate websites is strictly prohibited. Should inappropriate websites be accessed accidentally, this should be immediately reported to the Club Manager.
  • Under no circumstances will the laptop be used to take photographs at the Club during working hours.


  • The laptop has been installed with anti-virus software. Only visit websites you know and trust
  • Ensure your email is filtered for spam. Delete any emails received from an untrustworthy source or containing inappropriate material.
  • Do not open any email attachments unless they were expected and from a trusted source. Email attachments are the number-one malware risk.
  • Do not leave unattended. Always lock the screen when not in use. If not in use for a period of time, shut down.
  • Do not download software. If new software is required, seek guidance from the Club Manager/ Committee.
  • Only connect to approved or known wireless networks.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your laptop.
  • Never leave the laptop logged on to shared drives, email accounts etc. when not in use. Ensure you are logged out and shut down.
  • If left at work overnight, always keep out of sight, locked away.
  • Ensure files are regularly backed up by a secure method.

At Home

Your laptop should be covered under your home insurance, therefore:

  • Always store your laptop inside the home and do not leave it in the car or anywhere that it can be easily seen from outside. Ideally lock it away in a cupboard.
  • Do not allow any use that is not authorised.

Public Transport and Public Areas

  • Be vigilant when using public transport and when in public areas.
  • Do not use your laptop while travelling unless necessary. Consider use with care.
  • Ensure you are not overlooked. Do not open documents of a sensitive nature when in a public place.