Next season’s bookings from January 2020 onward coming mid November! Watch for emails telling you when and how to book and see our notices in the Club.

Ecclesall Kids Club provides out of school care for 4 to 11 year olds. Our mission is to provide low cost, high quality and stimulating playcare in a welcoming and friendly environment.

We offer Breakfast, After School Club and Holiday Club throughout the year on premises we let from Ecclesall Primary, though we are an independent not-for-profit business in our own right, run by parents for parents. We have fun outdoors and indoors; we go on trips; we play games, do craft activities, read books; we have age-appropriate TEC equipment and age-appropriate TV available. We offer a semi-structured environment with lots of guided opportunities and lots of free play and choice too.

Examples of the Breakfast Club food items we provide and snack items we provide at after school are contained in our Healthy Eating Policy.

We are very busy at our Primary Club and except for Fridays are usually full or oversubscribed at all sessions.  Breakfast club runs from 7.40am to the start of the school day. Reception, Y1 and Y2 children are escorted to their classroom. Parents may drop off in the school car park from 7.40am to 7.55am, after this time parents must park outside the school grounds to allow the teachers to use the school car parking spaces for the school day.

After-School Club runs from the end of the school day until 6pm. Reception, Y1 and Y2 children are picked up from their classroom and escorted to the club, Y3 and older children make their own way through school to the club. As the club closes at 6.00pm, in line with our bookings policy, due to the costs we incur if children are picked up late, Magic Booking will apply a £15 automatic charge to the parents Magic Booking account after 6pm.

Holiday club has different operating hours and these may vary but are advertised at least 5 weeks in advance – we normally open at 8.00am and close at 6.00pm.

If you can’t book the places you need on Magic Booking, please keep looking as places may become available later on; we ask parents to cancel all places they do not need. Parents cancel places all the time especially over summer as their child-care needs for September change. As well as longer term bookings, some ad-hoc/one-off places and late bookings may be available as well. You can try booking these up to 24 hours before the session on Magic Booking or in an emergency on the day you can contact the club by phone or via We cannot exceed our maximum staff-to-child ratios on any day for insurance purposes and Ofsted requirements. We will always try to accommodate requests but when we are full unfortunately that will not be possible.

Ecclesall Kids club costs are: Breakfast club £3.80 per session and After school Club £7.25 per session. Holiday Club costs £21.00 for a full day, or £10.50 for a half-day plus additional costs for trips. Our programme is advertised below.

We request that parents cancel all sessions they do not need so others can use them. This can be done 24/7 via Magic Booking. The main reason we need parents to cancel is that if a child does not turn up to After-School Club and we expect them, staff have to spend time trying to track them down rather than caring for other children who are there. If the child remains unaccounted for and we cannot get hold of the parents we are duty bound to inform the police for safeguarding reasons, just as schools do. If the session is cancelled 15 calendar days or more in advance you will receive a credit on your account. If its less than 15 days you won’t receive a credit but the more people who cancel the more places there will be in the system for everyone, especially when emergency childcare is needed. As we are not-for-profit and we keep our prices low we can’t afford to carry spare unused places just in case they are needed. The more parents who cancel, the more chance we have to reduce the cancellation period to less than  15 days and keep doing so over time, which will be a benefit to all our users.

If we become full we will operate a waiting list —please see our bookings policy for details of how we prioritise the allocation of places.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club Logo

Holiday club dates 2019-2020

Mon 28th October 2019 – Fri 1st November 2019
Mon 17th February 2020 – Friday 21st February 2020
Mon 6th April 2020  –  Thursday  9th April  2020 (closed 10th April  Good Friday)
Tuesday 26th May 2020 – Friday 29th May 2020 (closed 25th May Bank Holiday )
20th July  – 24th July 2020
27th July- 31st July 2020
3rd August – 7th August 2020
10th August-14th August 2020

General Information

Our Holiday Club dates are set at the beginning of the year and advertised for the whole year to allow our parents and carers to plan. The Programme varies on a daily basis and this is arranged and published nearer to the time of each Holiday Club. We have lots of fun and exciting activities and trips and lots of opportunities to make new friends. We are normally open 8.00 am– 6 pm for full day sessions costing £21. We also run half days sessions 8.00 am–1 pm or 1 pm–6 pm at a cost of £10.50 per half day session. We request payment for Holiday Club in advance and unfortunately cancellations are non-refundable. We produce a timetable at least 5 weeks before the start of the Holiday Club and as soon as possible before our booking deadline to ensure our parents and children are able to make choices about which days they will attend (including which days there will be trips and additional costs). We try to ensure we keep additional costs to a minimum but to ensure we have a variety of activities on offer we may request an additional payment to cover the costs. These additional payments will be clearly marked on the advance timetable with an explanation of what the costs are for and are payable in advance alongside the full or half day Holiday Club payment. As we have to arrange our staffing to match the numbers of children booked in we request that parents book by the deadline set otherwise we are unable to guarantee a Holiday Club place.

To check availability and book Holiday Club use Magic Booking. If you aren’t registered with us and don’t use our club normally then you’ll need to look on our website to find out more about how to register your child’s details with us via Magic Booking. A booking cannot be made via our Magic Booking system unless the registration information (including contact details, medical and allergy information) is complete.

If there are any aspects of holiday club you’d like to discuss please call us on 0114 268 1116  during club opening hours (7:40–8:40 am and 3:25–6 pm). Outside these hours please leave a voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you are having problems booking please email as the club staff cannot help with booking and payment queries.