Fast Facts

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  • Our mission is to provide low cost, high quality, safe and stimulating playcare in a welcoming and friendly environment. We provide out of school care for 4 year olds (current reception not preschool) to 11 year olds (current Y6)
  • We are independent of Ecclesall Primary though we rent our premises from them. We are a not-for-profit business (unincorporated association), run by a Voluntary Management Committee of parents for our parents. By joining the club you become a parent member of our club.
  • We offer Breakfast, After School Club and Holiday Club throughout the year, our sessions run from 7.40am to school start and from the end of school until 6pm. Reception, Y1 and Y2 are escorted from and to their classrooms.
  • Our 2021 prices are Breakfast Club £5.50 per session, After-School Club £11 per session. Holiday Club costs £32 for a full day, or £16 for a half-day (if/when they are available) plus additional costs for any trips out we do. We also include a healthy snack for the children at no additional costs. Please note Children attending Holiday club, do need to be provided with a packed lunch from home, as during the holiday club we are only able to offer breakfast and a healthy afternoon snack.
  • At our last Ofsted we were rated as good. Our Management Team and Play Team are qualified and experienced.
  • We are very busy at our Primary Club and except for Fridays are usually full or oversubscribed at all sessions. 
  • We use the Magic Booking on line booking and payment system. This allows you to book sessions up to 24 hours before they start and cancel sessions at any time. We apply a full cost credit for cancelled sessions up to 10 full working days before the start of the cancelled session. We may also charge parents for failing to cancel sessions in advance due to the safeguarding risks of not doing so and extra work caused to staff as they try to locate children we are expecting that day who are not cancelled but then do not attend. Parents must not rely on the school to inform us as we are a separate business. Cancellations can be done via Magic Booking up to 24 hours before or by leaving a message on the club landline or emailing us on the gmail if its within 24 hours of the session time. We charge £15 for late pick ups. See our Booking policy for more details.
  • We have fun outdoors and indoors; we play board and table games, do craft activities, we have age-appropriate TEC equipment and age-appropriate TV available. We offer a semi-structured environment with lots of guided opportunities and lots of free play and choice too.
  • We require parents to cancel sessions they will not use even, on the day. The main reason we need parents to cancel is that if a child does not turn up to After-School Club and we expect them, staff have to spend time trying to track them down rather than caring for other children who are there. If the child remains unaccounted for and we cannot get hold of the parents we are duty bound to inform the police for safeguarding reasons, just as schools do.
  • Parents may drop off in the school car park from 7.40am to 7.55am, after this time parents must park outside the school grounds to allow the teachers to use the school car parking spaces for the school day.