1. All children need to play, it is a biological, psychological and social necessity. Play is essential for the healthy development of the child and the wider community.
    child with sword
  2. Play should be freely chosen. Children should decide how and where they play, why they’re playing and what happens in their play.
  3. Playworkers should facilitate play, helping children to make their own decisions, and giving them control of their play. This should form the basis of all playwork training.
  4. For playworkers, the process of play is the most important thing, and we support and promote play in all areas of our work.
    child with paper aeroplane
  5. The role of the playworker is to support all children in creating spaces in which they can play.
  6. Playworkers use their knowledge of the play process, and reflective practice, when responding to children’s play.
  7. Playworkers are aware of the impact their presence has on the play space, and the impact of children and their play on the playworker.
  8. child with yoyo
    Playworkers understand that it is important not to interrupt the play process unnecessarily. Intervention must balance risk with the benefit and well-being of the child.