September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

The purpose of this document is to give you an outline of the changes we are making in September to make the Club as safe a place as possible for your children, our staff and the School more widely.

We would be grateful if you could discuss what is covered here with your children before they return to the Club in order to prepare them for some of the changes we have made and reassure them that the Club is a safe place for them to be.

Staff will also be talking to the children about the new precautions throughout the first couple of weeks (or later if a child does not start coming to us until further on in the term) and be consistently reinforcing the new arrangements throughout this time of change. Though these are unusual times we want your child to feel at ease and have fun whilst they with us.

Risk Assessment

  • We have conducted our own Risk Assessment and this will be published on our website before the start of term. We will be adhering to the requirements of Schools Risk Assessment and our own Risk Assessment overlays where we have our own procedures and processes to ensure all areas specific to ourselves are covered. All our staff have been fully briefed and/or trained regarding the changes to the way we operate the club and the requirements of a safe setting with regards to Covid-19.


  • We will be working on the same Bubble system as the school (we will have 7 year group Bubbles). All Bubbles will be kept separate from each other at all times. Each Bubble will have their own allocated area inside and an allocated area outside for them to play in. Our aim is to spend as much time outside as is possible, weather permitting. On peak days the Bubbles are likely to be larger and on quiet days there may only be very few children in the Bubble. Each Bubble will have their own selection of play resources/equipment which will be cleaned regularly and not shared with another Bubble. If equipment or resources are to be moved between Bubbles, we will move them weekly and clean and ‘quarantine’ for at least 72 hours between use eg over a weekend.

Dropping off/picking up

  • To limit risk of infection parents/carers will not currently be allowed to enter the school building, so you will need to drop off and pick up at the appropriate entrance for their year bubble.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to check their sessions are booked, only children who have a booked session will be able to attend a session. We will not be able to accept a last minute or adhoc booking at the moment unless this has already been made with notice, by prior agreement with ourselves, we will also do the booking for you if we are able to accommodate this. Please ensure well in advance that you have booked all the sessions you need as the Club cannot be responsible for booking errors you can check via Magic Booking or well in advance by emailing
  • Y1 and Y2 parents and carers must drop off and pick up Y1 and Y2 children at the usual kids club entrance doorway (signed from the car park)
  • Reception and Y3 parents and carers please drop off and pick up at main school entrance doorway
  • Y4,5,6 parents and carers drop off and pick up at doorway at the bottom of the hard playground that goes into School, this is by the Tiger mural.
  • Siblings will need to be dropped off and picked up at the appropriate doors for their Year Bubble to allow us to keep our Bubble staff and Children separate.
  • As you will not currently be able to enter the building, a member of club staff will sign your child in/out for you on Magic Booking when they have come through our door.
  • We request that only one adult drops off/picks up a child and that you maintain social distancing at all times from our staff and other families waiting at the door (the school have already provided clear social distancing information)
  • If you are on foot we ask you to respect the trial one way system that School have implemented (entering through the High Storrs Drive and then leaving via the Huntley Road exit.
  • Please ensure you allow extra time for drop off and pick up if you have an appointment or sports club to attend , children will be spread across different areas of the inside and outside of the School, it will take us time to check them in and also to bring them to you at pick up, especially if you have siblings. We appreciate your patience whilst we working in this new way.
  • To help us to manage the significantly dispersed 14 indoor and outdoor zones we need to use, we request (as a trial) that parents do not pick up their children before 5pm wherever possible (most parents usually pick up after 5pm normally anyway). The Y3/4/5 Tiger mural entrance will not be accessible before 5pm as the yard gate and Huntley Road gate will be locked . The children will be in the Playground in 7 bubble zones, far apart until just before 5pm and may be located in their bubble zone inside or outside, they may also be in a different place to where their coats, water bottles etc are stored as we have no storage in our temporary spaces.

By bringing the children indoors just before 5pm and then opening all the gates we are hopefully making it easier and quicker to pick up your children, as they will be where their belongings are and we can then bring them to you more quickly at the correct entrance/exit for their bubble, this also supports infection control and a simpler check out process for you. We do appreciate on occasions you will need to collect your child before this time, if this is the case, please contact us on 0114 2681116 to arrange this or email our gmail address ( if it is 24 hours or more before the session). If we find this trial is not working we will review and change our process.

  • The School have kindly allowed us to continue to use the car park for kids club drop off and pick up only, providing we adhere to these times, we request that you do not enter the car park after 7.50am or before 4.30pm to allow the School staff to access and leave the car park. Disabled access is an exception to this as it has always been.Please do not park outside the Club entrance or in the turning circle under any circumstances or we may not be able to use the car park in future.

Playworkers dropping off/picking up children from their classes

  • Staff will be taking Reception, Y1 and Y2 children to their classrooms in the mornings at the designated time for their Bubble to help ensure that social distancing is maintained.
  • In the afternoons we will be providing the school with lists of the children we are expecting to collect from each Reception, Y1 and Y2 class. The children will then be collected from their class rooms by their Bubble staff. Y3 children and above make their way to Kids Club through the School as normal and are registered from the booking you have made for that session. Any child who is not booked in but believes they should be in Club, will be taken to the School Office as we cannot take any children who are not booked in to club.

Hand hygiene

  • All children and staff will be expected to sanitise their hands on arrival at a session.
  • We will be providing extra opportunities for hand washing/sanitising as appropriate, including, but not limited to: before eating, after playing outside and after coughing or sneezing. Each Bubble Zone has its own Sanitiser and cleaning products.

Respiratory hygiene

  • We will be promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ strategy,
  • Each Bubble will be provided with a box of tissues and a bin to dispose of them.
  • After using a tissue/coughing/sneezing children will be asked to wash/sanitise their hands.

Social distancing

  • We are putting various strategies in place to help ensure social distancing between Bubbles. We also have physical barriers, either different rooms or tables/forms.
  • If your child is struggling with maintaining/understanding social distancing we will have a chat with them explaining what it is, and why it is important.
  • If your child is still having difficulty, we will inform you and ask you to have a talk with your child about it.
  • If your child is still having difficulty maintaining social distancing after this, we may have to consider discussing temporarily suspending your child’s place with you, in order to ensure the safety of the other children and staff.


  • Equipment/resources/tables etc will be cleaned regularly.
  • We are working with the school to establish any additional cleaning we will need to do (toilets we have used/touch points etc).
  • We will have a cleaning Schedule which will support Schools own Schedule before we open.

Breakfast/afternoon snack

  • We will still be offering breakfast but this will be limited to a choice of cereals, yoghurt and a spreadable healthy snacks eg rice cakes or French toast. Due to our resources being fully deployed with Bubbles and no access to the kitchen, toast will not be available for now. Dietary needs and food allergies will still be accommodated in the normal way but choices may be different.
  • We will still be offering afternoon snack, the snack will be cold and much simpler eg pitta’s, bagel and cream cheese etc and fruit/ crudites as we have no access to the School kitchen. A grab pack will be taken to the children in their Bubble areas or may be eaten as a picnic outside


  • We are still working out the best way of approaching the adult led activities we normally provide. For the first couple of weeks or so, it is likely that there will be a smaller range of activities than usual whilst we focus on implementing our new arrangements and make sure that both staff and children are familiar and comfortable with them. We still have lots of exciting activities planned and hope to extend these week by week.

Bringing things to Club from home

  • We are asking that children do not bring anything eg pencil cases, toys from home, in accord with Schools guidance. We will be following Schools lead on this and our advice will mirror theirs as it changes over time.

Temporary/partial closure

  • There may be times when we have to temporarily close the club, in full or in part. This could be due to a lack of available staffing or if advised to by or the Public Health Team in order to safeguard the children in our care eg as part of a Local Lockdown.
  • If this does become necessary, we will inform you as soon as possible.
  • As with School if there is a positive case in a year Bubble, we will need to close club to that year Bubble in accord with the quarantine rules at the time.

What we will do if a child shows symptoms of coronavirus.

  • If your child shows any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 (eg new persistent cough/fever/loss of taste or smell) they will be looked after in the medical room by a member of staff and we will contact you and ask you to collect your child from the main School entrance as soon as possible.
  • Whilst we wait for you to arrive your child will be supervised by a member of staff, who will remain at least 2m away from them at all times. (If this is not possible, the staff member will wear appropriate PPE as specified in government guidelines).
  • Your household should then self-isolate according to current guidance, or until your child receives a negative test for COVID-19. Your child will not be allowed to return to the club until this has taken place.
  • You can request a coronavirus test either through the NHS website ( or via phone using the NHS 119 service.
  • We will comply with the Test, Track and Trace arrangements in place that are current at the time.
  • If we send a child home with suspected symptoms we will also inform the school.

Self-isolation guidance

  • We expect all families to follow the current government guidance re: self-isolating if someone in the household is showing COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive or has recently returned from certain other countries (Government information about international travel can be found here: (The NHS page giving information about when and how to self-isolate can be found here:
  • If your child is ill, has a temperature or is starting to develop symptoms please do not send them in to Breakfast Club, if they become ill whilst in Club we will contact you and ask you to collect your child. We have a no touch thermometer to enable us to safely check your child’s temperature if they feel unwell.
  • If your child will not be attending a session because they are ill or self-isolating, please let us know asap for safeguarding reasons, by leaving a message on our landline 0114 2681116 or emailing

Government documents

*Please note that all arrangements are subject to change depending on government guidance or a change in circumstances. If we make any significant changes we will inform you as soon as possible.